Bread & Patisserie A

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Lesson 1
Hokkaido Style Milk Bun
Milk and Butter Loaf
Lesson 2
Cherry Cheese Cake
Sausage Puff
Lesson 3
Chocolate Brownie
Japanese Style Cheese Cake
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Soft Bun with Chocolate Paste Filling
Lesson 6
Chocolate Salami
Lesson 7
Sweet and Short Pastry Bun
Sweet Bun Stuffed with Shredded Coconut Sweet Filling
Lesson 8
French Apple Pie
Sweet Egg Tart
Lesson 9
Chocolate Decoration
Lesson 10
Green Tea Mousse Cake
Butter Cookie
Lesson 11
Sausage Bun
American Donut
Lesson 12
Mango Fondant Mousse Cake
Apple Crumble Tart
Lesson 13
Onion and Garlic Toast
Sesame and Carrot Bun
Lesson 14
Cripsy Hazelnut Cake
Artisan Cookie
Lesson 15
Black Glutinous Rice Soft Bread
Stained Glass Cookie
Lesson 16
Passion Fruit Cheese Tart

Cranberry and Pomelo Mousse Cake
Lesson 17
Strawberry Mousse Cake Japanese Style Bread with Red Bean Filling
Lesson 18
Croissant Danish Raisin Roll
Lesson 19
Artisan Bread .
Lesson 20
Hokkaido Style Cheese Cake Monte Blanc Cake
Lesson 21
Peach Danish
Tofu Cheese Cake
Lesson 22
Coffee and Toffee Roll
Lesson 23
Blueberry Marble Cheese Cake
Lesson 24
Chocolate Truffle Mousse Cake with Glazing
Lesson 25
Pandan Chiffon Cake
Porbiria Cheese
Lesson 26
Rainbow Layer Cake
Lesson 27
Coffee and Chocolate Layer Cake
Brown Sugar Rye Bread
Lesson 28
Crome Puff
Lesson 29
Onion and Bacon Quiche
Walnut and Raisin Rye Bread
Lesson 30
Mango and Pomelo Mousse Cake
Lesson 31
Figurine Cake .
Lesson 32
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Whole Wheat Loaf

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