Cooking Class for Domestic Helper or New Beginner.

EDemonstration, Free lunch, one dish for practical and one dish take away.
ECourse fee includes ingredient and apron

Date : Every Mon and Fri
Time: 11:00a.m. - 1:30p.m.

Enrolment Fee: $1,600/8 Lessons

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Lesson 1

Salmon steak with Chinese
coriander in Teriyaki sauce

Braised rib finger in red wine sauce

Lesson 2

Pan fried pork chop with

Preserved mustard green,
pig stomach and pepper in soup

Lesson 3

Fried vegetarian beancurd sheet rolls

Chicken with preserved plums

Lesson 4

Steamed soya milk, egg white
and seafood

Sweet and sour shrimps

Lesson 5

Grilled salted fish with

Stir fried ostrich meat and sweet
peas with XO sauce

Lesson 6

Braised pork belly

Green bean sheet rolls with
sesame sauce

Lesson 7

Fresh fish fillet in soup

Fried rice vermicelli in
Singaporean style

Lesson 8

Stir fried squids and celery in
shrimp paste

Spicy eggplant with salted fish
and minced pork in casserole

Lesson 9

Grass carp with vinegar

Pork trotter with preserved
plum in casserole

Lesson 10

Pigeon in soy sauce and
Chinese wine

Fish fillet with cream corn and white sauce

Lesson 11

Fried rice with shredded chicken
and mushroom

Spicy tofu and assorted
mushrooms in casserole

Lesson 12

Simmered chicken in sesame
oil, soy sauce and wine

Mini winter melon urn

Lesson 13

Pan fried chicken in lemon sauce

Double-boiled codonopsis
pilosula and tilapia soup

Lesson 14

Pan fried whole shrimps
with soy sauce

Stewed chicken feet
with peanuts in casserole

Lesson 15

Shredded burdock and beef rolls

Stir fried cuttlefishs in
hot broad bean sauce

Lesson 16

Steamed fish in traditional style

Stir fried pork jowl with
bitter melon

Lesson 17



Lesson 18


Lesson 19


Lesson 20



Lesson 21



Lesson 22


Lesson 23



Lesson 24



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